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EZ LE ROUX fashion: Meticulously designed... Masterfully crafted... Timelessly elegant.

The brand was established to accessorize the lady of discerning taste with individually tailored, luxury items, every statement piece designed according to her unique style.

Every EZ LE ROUX creation is numbered, hand-crafted, once-off pieces, never to be repeated – an investment to enjoy for years to come. An authenticity certificate accompanies every item and comes in a latched suitcase box (see Gallery). The creations are crafted by local master artisans, using only the finest quality leather and jewel adornments.

Commission any piece to your heart’s content: any styles, leathers, colours, textures and jewel adornments (in high-carat solid gold and diamonds/colour stones). Even incorporate heirloom jewels into your item for sentimental value. [*EZ LE ROUX supports the sustainable and responsible trade in exotic leathers (such as the African Nile crocodile), only sourcing from reputable breeding farms who comply with SA standards of captive breeding, and further adheres to the international trade of exotic species regulations of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)].

Work with Ez personally to create your exquisite, personal design. With her expertise and your individual taste, embark on a journey together to find your perfect fashion creation. Contact Ez to get started!


Ez achieved a Bachelors of Arts Degree in 1976 at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, specializing in jewellery design and manufacture, after which she successfully ran her own jewellery design studio for over three decades.

Born in South Africa, she loves nature and the outdoors. Her other passion is in design: art, fashion, architecture, landscaping, etc. Her love of diverse artistic design inspired her to combine her experience in jewellery design with leather craft, establishing her bespoke EZ LE ROUX luxury brand, embodying excellence and exclusivity. Ez places great importance on offering personalized and professional service in order to build long-lasting relationships, committed to uncompromising values of integrity, honesty and authenticity.

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